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capitalM, via its founder Benny, has succesfully delivered another ‘strategic sales & marketing workshop’ with Novalis (Home | Novalis Biotech Incubation ).  They are a Ghent-based but international leading VC (venture capital fund) in biotech and life sciences and are continuously supporting their 10+ portofolio organisations.  They welcome innovative concepts/firms in healthcare and aim to support their development already at the state of incorporation.  Their investment focus is “enabling technologies” in life sciences and strongly believe in capital light platform technology and close interaction with customers already early in the life of the company.
Focus areas are: innovative research and manufacturing tools, bioinformatics, genomics, diagnostics and digital health.

They requested support on informing and training their organisation on different “commercial excellence” topics such as: focussing on right customer type (‘ideal customer profiling’), apply some concepts of the VPC – value proposition canvas (incl. pains & gains for the various types of buyers), pitching their value proposition via “triggering conversations” and apply the different tactics in funnel management!   This was all achieved in a very interactive way as confirmed by Kjell Mortier (Portfolio manager at Novalis) in his LinkedIn post.