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 Did you know that France is the 2nd largest export market for Flemish companies (both SME’s and enterprises)?  Do you realise that the Olympic games of 2024 will boost export marketing and sales in this neighbouring market?

To be successful in France you will need a well structured export-plan and in-depth preparation of your commercial strategy.  Which commercial opportunities is France offering for my firm? Should I work with agents or distributors in France?  Which regions in FR are more interesting for my product or service?

All these topics are covered in the VOKA “Beyond borders – France” workshops.  Multiple speakers/presenters are brought together by (16) Charlotte Dekimpe | LinkedIn of VOKA West-Flanders (VOKA Kortrijk); Following topics will be discussed amongst others:

   macro economic situation of France + cultural aspects in business relationship
    Legal and Human resources – how to prepare for export to France?
    Setting up sales & marketing export plan: direct sales via own sales office vs. working with distributors or agents, defining steps in your market expansion, defining your ideal customer, market research ..
    Markt action plan customised to your situation

This consists of 4 sessions as of end of April ’23 and during the month of May ’23 during which the participants build a solid, multi-faceted export approach…  Extra individual coaching is possible as well.  At end of this track (2nd half of June) the participants will pitch their export plan to an Advisory Board.  Benny is again part of this Board to evaluate the commercial presentations and market offerings!

The Sales & Marketing session is hosted by Benny Van Calster, founder of capitalM.   Since more than 5 years he is delivering this type of sales training and marketing sessions to members of the VOKA-community.

Looking for a in-company training on Sales, (Key) Account management or Marketing (value proposition, go-to-market GTM strategy, etc.)?
Contact us via email or the contact form Contact – Capitalm – Benny Van Calster !